Goclin – Nuvme Solves Scalability and Regulatory Issues

Goclin is a platform for managing clinics and medical offices integrated with health plan operators. From scheduling to billing, everything is centralized in one place, ideal for all medical specialties.


The Problem

The company had a major scalability problem. During peak periods, the application generated unavailability and customer dissatisfaction with the platform.

Due to the solution’s complexity, the environment required a more robust architecture that could operate in a scalable manner during these peak moments.

Additionally, they did not have a suitable partner to help them improve their infrastructure on AWS.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to solve the problems causing instability on the platform and the resulting dissatisfaction of their customers. Due to the solution’s complexity, the system needed a scalable, performative, and secure solution. By researching official AWS partners, the customer reached out to Nuvme.

Another significant challenge in developing the platform was to ensure compliance with ANS (National Health Agency) and CFM (Federal Medical Council) regulations.


The Solution

Nuvme conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s current environment and proposed the refactoring of the application using Kubernetes architecture with CICD and GitOps for its applications. By using AWS containers, executions worked in an automated, scalable, and highly efficient way. MongoDB was used as the database for this platform since the application required greater flexibility for data manipulation, as well as offering more scalability and better performance for specific platform operations.

For the customer, this process was challenging and essential to rely on Nuvme’s solid partnership and commitment.

“The Nuvme team has always been willing to help us, understanding the difficulties we faced and structuring a new, modern, and efficient environment.”

The platform is constantly evolving and now has over 370 medical clinics or offices, more than 450 healthcare professionals, and more than 290,000 appointments made.


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Main Points

Scalability problem of the Goclin platform.

Challenge of solving instability issues and complying with ANS and CFM regulations.

Solution proposed by Nuvme: refactoring the application with Kubernetes architecture, CICD and GitOps, using MongoDB as the database.

Solid partnership and commitment from Nuvme.

Achieved results: constantly evolving platform with over 370 medical clinics or offices, 450 healthcare professionals, and 290,000 appointments made.

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