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Farmácia Digital Ltda and Nuvme: a partnership that guarantees scalability, dynamism and stability.

Startup from Minas Gerais that set out to innovate in a segment that had revenues of more than 131 billion reais in 2022, according to SCMED: the pharmaceutical sector. Aware of the range of pharmacies and citizens’ difficulty in carrying out efficient research to better purchase the necessary medicines, they created a platform where it is possible to check the prices of pharmaceutical products close to their home, buy and receive them at home. Extremely efficient, they used technology for a service that is essential and has a direct connection with health.

The challenge

With a niche application database, it became important to INNOVATE!

The user enters the products they want to search for and the platform not only analyzes the best prices, but also provides the citizen with a ready-made shopping basket, indicating the location and enabling purchases with home delivery. All of this with the simplest possible usability, which makes the technology behind it fast, efficient and error-free!

To achieve this objective, Farmácia Digital LTDA uses an event-based microservices architecture.

In this type of architecture, an effective tool for continuous deployments is extremely important, in order to guarantee the necessary agility in the development pipeline. To version and implement solutions in a more stable way in production, testing and approval environments, GitOps was adopted – a set of practices for managing infrastructure and application configurations using Git – as a single source of declarative infrastructure and applications across the entire system through the use of FluxCD for continuous delivery.

Furthermore, in order to decouple applications into microservices, container orchestration was adopted from a Kubernetes EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) cluster as a resource provider for applications and services, where all node availability and scalability management ( or servers) is carried out by the cluster itself, configured in a private dual-stack network (IPv4 and IPv6).

The Nuvme team faced the challenge of studying in depth a different technology than usual and implementing ways to reinvent it, making the platform even better and scalable.

The partnership

In this partnership we went far beyond the technical, codes and technology, we were CREATIVE! We thought about options, paths and had to reinvent ourselves together with the client’s internal team. It was a completely personalized performance, with construction from scratch and involving MVP (tests before fixed and continuous application) of what was planned, in order to implement the best path.

Focusing on customer demand, we were able to develop and deliver a project that stands out for its scalability, dynamism and stability, thus providing the guarantee of a reliable platform, completely prepared to accompany the startup’s growth.

We deliver a stable product, using the principles of IAC (Infrastructure as Code) we are able to provide a completely mapped and easy-to-maintain infrastructure, using the GitOps concept we have all services and applications also mapped as code, ensuring an agile development pipeline, adding GitOps and CI/CD through Bitbucket pipelines.


Client’s testimonial

NUVME is an ally in the challenges we face. A team interested in my operation, and very efficient. This NUVME team is all about results.

Victor Barcelos – Farmácia Digital LTDA’s manager

Being part of a project that transforms citizens’ lives has been an honor for the entire Nuvme team. We are moved by people and facilitating the solution of such latent pain is a daily task. Technology every day proves to be a transformative tool in the lives of each of us.