Application modernization: DevOps deployment drives Clint’s growth

Clint is a company based in Florianópolis (SC) specialized in software development. It stands out as a pioneer in the Brazilian market by offering a CRM targeted at the launch sector, perpetual services, high ticket and events.

The partnership with Nuvme played a key role in modernizing Clint’s infrastructure and architecture, including the implementation of the Kubernetes cluster. With Nuvme’s consulting, Clint gained more certainty in decision-making and prepared for the growth of its business.



Clint, during a period of rapid growth, recognized the importance of strengthening its DevOps area. To achieve this goal, the company decided to seek a partner with the experience and expertise needed to provide support in this area.

Marcelo Ferraz, CIO/CTO at Clint, points out that several factors were crucial to the decision to hire Nuvme. “In addition to the quick initial service, it was evident that the team had the necessary knowledge to perform the tasks and offer the appropriate attention to solve Clint’s problems”, highlights Ferraz.

After an analysis and diagnosis of Clint’s architecture, it was possible to identify opportunities for improvement in the AWS environment, such as:

    • Redesign the network structure to strengthen the security of connections;
    • Improve the observability of the environment, to act proactively in the prevention and mitigation of possible points of failure;
    • Improve scalability so that environments can adapt to demand, maintaining stability in both infrastructure and processes;
    • Promote the transition from relational database service to Aurora Database, aiming to improve overall performance and scalability while reducing total cost.


Nuvme’s team proposed a solution to modernize the architecture of the applications, with the main objective of offering scalability and flexibility through AWS services and resources. 

To achieve these results, the team adopted DevOps concepts, combined with agile solution development. As a result, Clint gained productivity in the development, testing and publishing of its solutions. To version and deploy the solutions more stably in the production environment, GitOps – a set of practices for managing infrastructure and application configurations using Git – was chosen as the single source for declarative infrastructure and applications across the system.

In addition, Nuvme’s team enhanced the performance of the databases, empowering them to handle high loads that arose sporadically. With the introduction of the Aurora database, we observed a a reduction of up to five times in the processing time of major transactions.

In Clint’s AWS environment, the following solutions were implemented:

Observability of the AWS enviroment: monitoring strategies were adopted, providing a clear view of the entire infrastructure involved. Lambda functions (computing service that allows running code without provisioning or managing servers) were fully monitored, providing valuable insights into the performance and functioning of these functions.

In addition, Nuvme’s team implemented Grafana dashboards for better visualization, consolidation and analysis of metrics. Prometheus was deployed to monitor the application services in the AWS EKS environment. AWS CloudWatch Logs allows ingestion and monitoring of logs, providing visibility and mapping of errors, common calls and application transaction logging. With this, it is possible to identify possible failures that could harm the application and the user.

Kubernetes cluster deployment: Clint opted for the AWS EKS managed service to run Kubernetes in the cloud, replacing the AWS Beanstalk orchestration service. This change was driven was motivated by the need for greater scalability and the ability to support high demand. With EKS, the application gained redundancy capability, allowing it to handle peak situations, fault tolerance and high availability.  


Clint’s partnership with Nuvme has resulted in a number of improvements. In addition to strengthening connection security, increasing observability and improving scalability, Clint also benefited from a significant technological update in the architecture of its applications. 

Nuvme’s expert technical support provided efficient and customized support personalized support, ensuring the full availability of the partnership to avoid and troubleshooting and optimizing Clint’s environment on an ongoing basis. The implementation of DevOps concepts and agile development provided increased productivity, while the use of GitOps and AWS’s EKS managed service improved application stability and scalability. These combined improvements have resulted for Clint in a more secure, stable, agile environment and greater certainty in decision making.

Customer testimonial

In addition to the technical results obtained, the trust in Nuvme’s team was fundamental to the success of the project.

The technical support and consultancy provided by Nuvme helped Clint to have more assertiveness in decision making; “No matter what my challenge is, whether it’s DevOps, cloud, or decision making; “Regardless of my challenge, whether it’s DevOps, cloud, architecture, I know I can count on the staff. The professionals are always very attentive, concerned, and want to bring the best solutions”, comments Marcelo

And for these reasons, Marcelo recommends Nuvme to all companies that need technological assistance in matters such as architecture, system scalability, security, best practices and IT cost reduction. “I think all companies can benefit,” jokes Marcelo.

For Marcelo, even if all these items are aligned, Nuvme’s proactive work on improvement and cost reduction makes a big difference. The feeling is of not being just another customer.


“We feel this care and it makes all the difference on a daily basis, because in the end we want to serve our customers in the best possible way. And Nuvme helps us with that”, he emphasizes.


For almost ten years working exclusively with cloud technology, in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Nuvme assists its customers in the optimization and scalability of their business. It has in its DNA the culture of innovation, creativity and care for people. And this reflects directly on the quality of services perceived by the customer.

It is a reference in Brazil in DevOps, Kubernetes and ECS. In the AWS Cloud environment, it assists customers in the best use of cloud resources and in the optimization and modernization of applications.

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Main Points

Strengthening the DevOps area at Clint

Technological upgrade in application architecture

DevOps concepts and AWS services provided more scalability, productivity, security and cost reduction

Efficient and personalized support from Nuvme

Improved observability and scalability

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